Art in a State of Siege

March 16, 2018
1 — 3:30 pm | 220 Stephens Hall

Avenali Chair in the Humanities, art historian Joseph Leo Koerner, joins a panel of scholars to discuss the role of art in a society in which freedom is radically curtailed, such as Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa. 

Elizabeth Honig

Berkeley Book Chats
220 Stephens | Mar 21, 12-1 pm

In the first book-length study of Jan Brueghel, Pieter’s son, Professor of History of Art Elizabeth Honig reveals how the artist’s tiny detail-filled paintings questioned conceptions of distance, dimension, and style.

Amanda Jo Goldstein

Berkeley Book Chats
Geballe Room | Apr 11, 12-1 pm

Amanda Jo Goldstein (English) explores how Romantic poetry served as an important tool for scientific inquiry. The work of literary authors such as William Blake and Percy Shelley demonstrates poetry’s role in the perception and communication of empirical realities.


Tom McEnaney

Berkeley Book Chats
220 Stephens Hall | Apr 18, 12 to 1 pm

Considering the coevolution of radio and the novel in Argentina, Cuba, and the US, Tom McEnaney (Comparative Literature and Spanish & Portuguese) explores how novelists in the radio age transformed realism as they struggled to channel and shape popular power.

G.R.F. Ferrari

Berkeley Book Chats
 220 Stephens | Wed, Apr 25 | 12-1 pm

Exploring the idea of "intimations" — social interactions that approach outright communication but do not quite reach it — G.R.F. (John) Ferrari (Classics) offers a new framework for understanding different ways in which we communicate with each other.


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